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La Poutine Week 16: Escondite

Last night, I was finally able to get reservations at Escondite. I really wanted to try their poutine.

Here’s the description: yuca fries, chipotle gravy, queso Oaxaca, cheese curds, grilled pineapple, spicy pork chunks, coriander, guajillo & ancho powder and totopos. 

The New El Paso!

The New El Paso!

I am really happy that I tried this poutine. The yuca fries were delicious and the chipotle gravy was flavourful. The pieces of pineapple added a sweet and discreet taste. If you love spicy food, you’ll love this poutine. My friend Alex enjoyed this poutine more than the Jambalaya one from Poutine Centrale.

La Poutine Week 16: Fabergé

Fabergé is one of my favourite brunch places in Montreal. I loved their poutine last year and two years ago. Their breakfast poutine on the menu is also delicious.

Here’s the description: crispy potatoes, roasted peppers, caramelized onions, cheese curds, hollandaise & molé sauces and topped with an egg or our famous fried chicken.


Molé Breakfast poutine


Matcha latte!


Mango Morning Glories

The poutine was everything I expected it to be. The molé sauce was delicious and you could taste the sweetness from the chocolate and spices mixed to form the molé. The hollandaise sauce was tasty as always. It was a nice portion and I managed to finish it without a problem. I also had a matcha latte with a pretty design. Sat wanted to taste the drink of the day, which was a Mango Morning Glory. A delicious smoothie with mango, coconut milk and other delicious ingredients I can’t remember. It’s topped with a regular and mini carrot cupcake, and decorated with flower. Divine!

La Poutine Week 16: Poutine Centrale

I really enjoyed Poutine Centrale’s butter chicken 2 years ago. As I was walking to the restaurant on Friday night, 2 friends were trying to reach me to get my “expert advice” on what poutine to try downtown. Glad you enjoyed Le Gourmet Burger’s Umami 1957 Greg and Cas! It was on my list and looked amazing.

Here’s the description: smoked sausage and chicken in a blend of cajun spices and vegetables.

The Jambalaya Poutine

The Jambalaya Poutine

It was delicious with lots of sausage and chicken and many fries. If you like spicy food, you should try this poutine. I took the large size and wasn’t able to finish it so I took it to go. I should have taken the smaller version…oh well!

La Poutine Week 16: Sésame

On Thursday night, Sam and I went to the opera to see Otello. We wanted to try Escondite but there was no place so we walked to Biiru, which didn’t have any place either. I remembered that Sésame was participating and it almost made my Top 15. It was a chinese fondue inspired poutine.

Here’s the description: fries, cheese curds, beef, chicken, brocoli, mushrooms and a gravy from a chinese fondue broth.


Sesame Poutine


Chinese fondue!

It was served with 2 sauces as a fondue is normally served with. One had garlic and honey, while the other one had honey. It was delicious and I enjoyed both sauces. I’m happy that I got to try this poutine even if it didn’t make my list.

La Poutine Week 16: Bofinger

I had to try the Poutine Burger because it looked ridiculously insane. 

Here’s the description of the Poutine Burger: Triple-A beef grilled, topped with cheese curds and signature peppercorn poutine sauce. Vegetarian version with a portobello mushroom patty. 


Poutine Burger


Blurry but worth it!


With portobello mushroom

The gravy is poured on the Poutine Burger in front of yours, which will cause salivation. It is impossible to eat it without a fork and knife. The beef one was tender and juicy, while the portobello one was soft and sweet. If you can only try one poutine, try this one. Also, make reservations for a group of 3 and more. My friend and I waited 45 minutes but it was worth it! 

La Poutine Week 16: Imadake

I love Imadake and its party atmosphere thanks to their amazing sake bombs. Despite going on a Tuesday night, the izakaya was packed. 

Here’s a description: large potatoes, cheese curds, steamed vegetables, half an egg, char siu pork, nori (seaweed) and shallots. 


Ramen Poutine


Oishii-desu ~

I loved this poutine! The presentation was beautiful and looked like a classic ramen! It was fun to eat with chopsticks at first but I struggled to get the last cheese curds. If you like Japanese food and ramen especially, you should try this poutine. Please make reservations to be assured seats. 

La Poutine Week 16: Chez Boris

I love Chez Boris’ doughnuts! Their Mexican inspired poutine last year was good. I was very eager to try this year’s poutine, which was a dessert. 

Here’s the description of the Sweet Poutine: doughnut dough fries, ricotta cheese curds, sea salt and espresso caramel gravy and peaches.


Sweet Poutine


Yes, it’s a dessert!

I was in heaven with this dessert poutine. The gravy was incredibly sweet and the peaches added a natural sweetness. The fries and gravy were hot while the peaches and ricotta cheese were cold. The mix of hot and cold was different but didn’t remove from the poutine. If you have a sweet tooth, go try this poutine. The portion is decent for a person but you can always share it at two.


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