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Le Burger Week 16

For a 5th year, Le Burger Week returns from September 1 to 7, 2016. If you love burgers, then you don’t want to miss out on all the yummy goodness. There are burgers for all the tastes, from simple ones to outrageous ones. Of course, there are some vegetarian burgers.

I’ve decided to do a Top 7, in other words 1 burger per day. Though realistically, I’m aiming to try 3 burgers but we never know. Here’s my Top 7!

Chez ChoseCheese Bagel Burger – $12

I love cheese and I love bagels and did I mention this burger is stuffed with cheese, what? A Turlo farmed pork meatball stuffed with l’Île aux Grues cheddar cheese topped with a fresh homemade bagel with relish and smoked mayonnaise.


© Le Burger Week

Copper Branch (Bishop Street Location) – Grand Sumac – $9.95

A clean burger made with plant-based ingredients, perfect if you want to eat healthy and stay energized! 100% plant-powered burger made with beet, carrot, Sumac slaw, coconut bacon, tomato, lettuce, alfalfa sprouts and pesto mayo served on organic kamut, gluten-free, or collard wrap. This burger is clean, made with wholesome, plant-based ingredients, and supports a healthy, active lifestyle. Get energized.


© Le Burger Week

La Brasserie Saint-DenisLe P’tit Gros – $18

I mean there’s a tiny burger on top of a burger…how could this not be on my list? Wapiti burger stuffed with duck confit, 2- year old aged smoked bacon applewood cheddar from PEI, onion confit, apple cider infused radicchio and roquette, BBQ and beer mayonnaise, accompanied with a P’TIT burger puffed pastry stuffed with duck and foie gras mousse, garnished with radish sprouts.


© Le Burger Week

Le Gras DurBacon-Wrapped Cheeseburger – $11

I mean, it’s a cheeseburger wrapped in bacon, need I say more? Certified Angus beef burger patty, cheddar, mayonnaise, mustard, ketchup and pretzel bread, all wrapped in bacon.


© Le Burger Week

Monsieur Restaurant + Bar Spicy Chicken Wafberg  – $16.50 (lunch) or $26 (dinner – larger portion)

Waffles and fried chicken is a wonderful combination. Bacon waffle bun, Bird Bar local fried chicken, spicy mayo, BBQ-bourbon maple drizzle, more bacon, fresh jalapeños, iceberg lettuce, fresh coriander & chives. Also available at Miss Prêt à Manger for takeout.


© Le Burger Week

© Le Burger Week

Taverne FThe Porctopus – $14

I just really want to try it because of the cute octopus decoration on top. Braised pork, lobster and octopus mayo, kale, and roasted peppers on a brioche bun.


© Le Burger Week

Vices & Versa Bistro du terroirVices & Versa Burger – $8.91 or $12.83 (with fries & salad)

I’ve never tried a vegetarian burger with eggplant before and I love goat cheese. Eggplant and smoked tomato burger with goat cheese.


© Le Burger Week


If I can get to Quebec City, I would love to try this amazing Asian-inspired burger!!! Sure I can drive now, but I’d probably take the bus or train and yes, I’m sure it’d be worth it.

Rideau Rouge – Hiroshima Burger – $10

A breaded Doritos and fried AAA Angus beef burger rests on a house Wasabi mayo. Sriracha sauce, cheddar slice aged 2 years from Îles aux Grues, bean sprouts, carrots julienne, sliced cucumber and Asian vinaigrette with soy sauce, fries ginger, honey and cracked strong chilli. Served in a fresh grilled crustini bread, topped with a Chinese brochette with a shrimp puff, lotus root chip and lime with 2 sesames.


© Le Burger Week

Have a great Le Burger Week everyone, make sure to stuff your face with at least one or two burgers!!!



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