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Mac + Cheese Week 2016

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The 2nd edition of Mac + Cheese Week is currently happening until March 13th! I would love to try at least one if I have the time by this weekend. A dozen Montreal restaurants are participating.

Here are my top 3 picks!

Le Cheese

As the founders of Mac + Cheese Week, I expect the best from them. A Sriracha Fried Chicken Mac + Cheese? SOLD! Ingredients: roasted cauliflower, sweet green peas, homemade bechamel sauce, sriracha, breadcrumbs, flour, chicken and Louis d’Or cheese.


© Mac + Cheese Week


Burger Royal 

A Blue Cheese Mac topped with chicken wings? YES! Ingredients: blue cheese sauce, macaraoni, fried chicken wings and wing hot sauce.


© Mac + Cheese Week



A Mac’n’Cheese in a skillet? OMG! Ingredients: macaroni, smoked meat, panko with cheddar, Monterey jack and Velveeta cheese.


© Mac + Cheese Week


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