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La Poutine Week 16: Escondite

Last night, I was finally able to get reservations at Escondite. I really wanted to try their poutine.

Here’s the description: yuca fries, chipotle gravy, queso Oaxaca, cheese curds, grilled pineapple, spicy pork chunks, coriander, guajillo & ancho powder and totopos. 

The New El Paso!

The New El Paso!

I am really happy that I tried this poutine. The yuca fries were delicious and the chipotle gravy was flavourful. The pieces of pineapple added a sweet and discreet taste. If you love spicy food, you’ll love this poutine. My friend Alex enjoyed this poutine more than the Jambalaya one from Poutine Centrale.


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