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La Poutine Week 16: Fabergé

Fabergé is one of my favourite brunch places in Montreal. I loved their poutine last year and two years ago. Their breakfast poutine on the menu is also delicious.

Here’s the description: crispy potatoes, roasted peppers, caramelized onions, cheese curds, hollandaise & molé sauces and topped with an egg or our famous fried chicken.


Molé Breakfast poutine


Matcha latte!


Mango Morning Glories

The poutine was everything I expected it to be. The molé sauce was delicious and you could taste the sweetness from the chocolate and spices mixed to form the molé. The hollandaise sauce was tasty as always. It was a nice portion and I managed to finish it without a problem. I also had a matcha latte with a pretty design. Sat wanted to taste the drink of the day, which was a Mango Morning Glory. A delicious smoothie with mango, coconut milk and other delicious ingredients I can’t remember. It’s topped with a regular and mini carrot cupcake, and decorated with flower. Divine!


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