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Invasion Cocktail – Opening Party

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I’ve been writing for Montreal Rampage and I got to cover Invasion Cocktail. As media, I was invited to the opening party at PHI Centre and brought along my friend Janice, whom I knew would enjoy a few cocktails. After all, 13 cocktails is a little number, right?

A dozen of bars and restaurants from Montreal and Quebec City were present with their signature cocktails for the week.

Our first stop was the SAQ’s Espace Cocktail that allowed guests to make signature cocktails with either a vodka or gin base. Obviously, I chose a vodka base and Janice made us cocktails while I took photos and videos of her. I think she’d make a good bartender.


Janice the Bartender!


Super Sweet Cocktail!

We spotted the food bites quickly as we didn’t want to be drunk since we didn’t have dinner. There were delicious pulled pork burgers with red cabbage, crab cakes and mini pogos. Unfortunately, there was no desserts.

There was a Virtual Reality station and Janice and I tried it.  It was a fun experience and it was time I tried it, especially after having edited a documentary on AR/VR! Now, I understood what my classmates meant that VR/AR couldn’t be explained andyou had to try it to understand it.

Me trying VR/AR

Thankfully, there was ESKA water for the guests, important to hydrate with water after a few cocktails.

We got matching tattoos!!!

I loved the Alambika boutique, which had a selection of cocktail bitters and syrups. A little drop can add flavour in your cocktails or other drinks. I think the store will become one of my favourite. We enjoyed tasting the different flavours of bitters and syrups.


Alambika’s Table

There were cocktails for every taste from strong to sweet to bitter to spicy!

Janice’s favourite cocktail was Double Barrel with Jack Fire, maple syrup, lemon juice, ginger, angostura and mint.

Double Barrel is the drink with a piece of ginger

My favourite cocktail was Batida Passion with Cachaça and passion fruit puree.

Batida Passion was the sweetest & cutest cocktail with best table decor ~

Janice wanted to end the night with McDonald’s but I suggested we get some Chinese food instead so we went to Beijing, as Chinatown was only a few minutes away! It was a fun night filled with delicious food and cocktails, plus we made a new friend!

If you’ve missed out on Invasion Cocktail, you can still check the Closing Party and Finale of MADE WITH LOVE Competition on Monday May 16 at Rialto Theatre starting at 8 p.m. There are still a few tickets left to see who will be crowned Canada’s best bartender!


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