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Vegan Life: Day 2

Sunday September 28

I had the same breakfast as yesterday, oatmeal with berries. The only difference is that I added the almond cupcake and called it brunch. Later, I went to Jean-Talon Market to buy vegetables, fine herbs and organic products. I went to a healthy grocery store known as Alfalfa and found awesome products for the vegan lifestyle, including ice cream for vegans!!! I didn’t buy any unfortunately because it was expensive. Eating healthy costs a little more, which is sad especially when you’re a poor student. Thankfully, my mother helped pay for some groceries. I bought some tempeh again, tofu and vegetables such as squash and zucchini.


Midday snack: corn

I bought some corn and had 3 as a midday snack before falling asleep. I wasn’t planning on taking a nap but my body decided on it, probably exhausted from carrying heavy bags in public transit. I bought ingredients to be able the Thai style tempeh on the Noble Bean website. The recipe was highly flavoured with coconut milk and curry spices. I didn’t put tamarind, as I didn’t find any. I didn’t find sweet potato either and replaced it by butternut squash. I cooked brown basmati rice to serve it with. The result was amazin and it’s probably the best thing I’ve cooked so far!!! It was spicy, creamy and rich in flavour. My mother enjoyed it as well, more than the Indonesian style one, which she found too salty.


Dinner: rice with tempeh

This vegan challenge is making me creative. I don’t cook much and I’ve had to make 2 meals, which I improvised as I was missing some ingredients. I don’t know if I’ll be able to cook much in the week with school and work. My mother said she would cook something with the remaining squashes. I already prepared my lunch for Monday and Tuesday. Hopefully, we’ll be good until Friday with the ingredients we have.


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