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Vegan Life: Day 3

September 29 2014

I don’t know if this is a side effect of eating vegan or I’m extremely tired this week, but I’ve been going to bed earlier than expected. Thus, I wasn’t able to post this last night.

For breakfast, I had brown toast with organic strawberry jam. Am I allowed to have toast? Well in one of the recipes, it says to make a sandwich with 2 slices of brown bread or baguette or pita so I assume I can have bread. I’m going to do some research and verify. Hopefully not. When I opened the pot of jam, I was surprised to see it was more brown than red like regular jams. Good to know what natural jam looks like.


Breakfast: toast with organic jam and black tea

For lunch, I had brought some leftovers of Indonesian style tempeh and lots of snacks. I went to check out the menu of the free vegetarian lunch of The Hive at the Loyola campus of Concordia. I was happy to see that they had vegan options and that it looked delicious. It was a sesame stir-fry with rice noodles and sweet red peppers. I added some spicy Thai sauce (I checked the label and no traces of animal products). It was spicy and sweet, I enjoyed it a lot. I also had a dessert, which was a sesame honey cake. It was sweet and light!


Free lunch at Loyola: sesame stir-fry rice noodles and sesame honey cake

The snacks I brought were strawberry flavoured soya drink, a pear, rice and beans chips and rice cakes.


Some snacks

I went to see my friend Cam who’s going to move to Scotland this week. Her family was having dinner and felt bad they could only offer me salad. I reassured them saying I had my lunch and ate it with a side of salad.


Dinner: salad with quinoa and tempeh

When I got home, I went to see what my mother cooked. It was a mix of vegetables she often does and she added either pieces of squash or potato. It didn’t look very appetizing, I’ll have some when I come home tonight. But I am not a fan of this dish. However, I think I’ll have to cook again.

I’m going to make some vegan snacks also, probably some muffins. If I have time of course because I have so much school work.

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  1. What was your diet like before going vegan?

    • My diet consisted mostly of rice with peanut butter flavoured kassava leaves or leguminous, accompanied by a portion of meat, mostly chicken or beef. I have a sweet tooth so sometimes I’ll buy unhealhty snacks and candy. I would eat yogurt or rice pudding pretty often too.

      • Well, way to go! I found when changed how I ate, my tastebuds expanded and I liked a lot more things. I have a bad sweet tooth as well sometimes! 😬 so I have tried to find healthier versions of everything bc I might die otherwise! Exaggerating of course.

    • Hahaha, what kind of healthier versions of sweets do you eat? I haven’t been craving sweets yet but I might and I want to know what other alternatives than dried fruits?

      • I guess it spends on what your idea of ‘healthier’ is. If it means staying within your dietary restrictions, which is vegan, the opportunities are endless. Applesauce makes a great egg replacer, so in the organic section of a grocery store, any dairy, egg free baking mix can be good, I would suggest purchasing one that’s gluten free as well to cut down on calories. If you are looking for some a lot more healthy, then I would head over to Pinterest and look up raw vegan desserts, the possibilities are endless! If you need any help looking for some specific recipes, just let me know! Or if you are in an area that doesn’t have health food stores or health foods in regular grocery stores, I can give you some brands that can help your search.

    • I guess I have no choice but to get a Pinterest account now. I’m just scared that I’ll spend all of my time on it now. Thank you for the suggestions! Also there are a lot of health stores in Montreal so it’s not hard finding natural, organic and gluten-free food.

  2. I guess it depends what kind of bread you have! 🙂


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