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Vegan Life: Day 1

As promised, I will talk about my life as a vegan during the 21-day challenge. I wanted to share it last night but I passed out so you’ll have 2 posts back to back!
Saturday September 27

Breakfast: oatmeal with berries

I cooked some oatmeal for breakfast and I added some berries. Unfortunately, it didn’t taste sweet and I was only able to add  less than half a teaspoon of maple syrup. I have replaced honey with agave syrup for my morning tea and night herbal tea.I had a busy day, which resulted in the loss of my opus card. Luckily, I was able to make one and attend Montreal Vegan Festival for an hour. I was able to try some samples of delicious food. I bought some groceries but not everything I wanted because I arrived near the end of the festival. I also bought vegan desserts from Sophie Sucrée, a vegan bakery store. I spoiled myself with a chocolate with vanilla icing cupcake, an almond with chocolate icing cupcake and a peanut butter cookie with tahini.
Lunch: Dragon Bowl from Aux Vivres

Lunch: Dragon Bowl from Aux Vivres

For lunch, I ordered a Dragon Bowl from Aux Vivres present at the festival. I’ve heard a lot about this meal and it lived up to its hype. Fried tempeh with their dragon sauce over a bed of rice with beets and carrots. I bought their Noble Bean tempeh and when I got home, I searched for recipes available on the Noble Bean website. I didn’t have all the ingredients necessary so I improvised. I cooked some red quinoa to eat it with. It was delicious and not too difficult to cook!


Dinner: quinoa with tempeh

My first day as a vegan went well, I didn’t have any snacks so I was hungry for a long time but I didn’t want to take the chance of eating anything. I only followed the suggested recipe for breakfast because it’s simple and I already had the ingredients.

Vegan desserts from Sophie Sucrée

Vegan desserts from Sophie Sucrée

The desserts were so good and I will definitely be going to Sophie Sucrée during my challenge if I’m too busy to bake desserts.

Some groceries

Some groceries

You can also follow me on Instagram @nyeba, as I will post pictures of my meals sooner under the hashtag #nickbecomesvegan.


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