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Vegan Life: Day 19

October 15 2014

Oddly enough, I woke up early on Wednesday and had time to enjoy a nice breakfast before my 9:30 am class. I had a bowl of maple nut cereal with pieces of strawberries and almond milk. Tuesday when I made my smoothie, I left the bag of frozen berries on the counter so I had no choice but to leave the fruits in the fridge. This is what happens when you’re on a hurry. My mother always tells me to wake up early and sit down to have breakfast. Of course, I know that but I’m just very lazy and press the snooze button at least 3 times and yes, even on weekends. So as I was saying, I had a bowl of cereal and a side of the scrambled tofu I made on Monday. A nutritious breakfast for a long day, where I had an hour to finish a 47-page reading. I managed to get to 27 before class started.


Breakfast: maple nut cereal and scrambled tofu

I overheard my classmates in the hall saying they were going get free lunch at the hive café Loyola so I joined them. They always offer a vegan and vegetarian option during the free lunch hour. Both the options today were vegan. They had a creamy gratin with cauliflower and a couscous tabouleh. They were both delicious, especially the creamy gratin. I mentioned I missed dairy products and this kind of reminded me of cheese.


Free lunch at Loyola: cauliflower creamy gratin & couscous tabouleh

When I got home, I was feeling motivated to cook. I used a recipe in the 21-day vegan recipes for a healthy snack. I was low on money to buy some so I decided to make maple and banana muffins. They are very good, just a bit too healthy for me. I thought they weren’t really sweet even if I added more maple syrup than suggested. My mother asked me if I was going to add something over them. I nicely explained to her the difference between a cupcake and a muffin. My mother doesn’t like sweet things. I take that from my father who has a sweet tooth. He’s the best!


Dessert: maple and banana muffins

While my muffins were baking, I decided to make a sautéed curry tofu recipe I found on the internet. Unfortunately, I don’t remember where I found the recipe. Yes this time, I bought some firm tofu! I learned from my mistake. As always, I didn’t have the exact ingredients so I improvised with what there was in my fridge. It was an Asian-inspired recipe with coconut milk. I am obsessed with the use of coconut milk in recipes, I’m going to keep using it. I prepared some basmati rice to serve with the sautéed tofu. It was delicious, sweet, spicy and rich!


Dinner: bamsati rice with sautéed curry tofu

On Day 2 of the challenge, I said the Thai-style tempeh was probably the best thing I cooked. Now I can say that the sautéed curry tofu is the best thing I’ve cooked so far. I will definitely use this recipe and add either some chicken or shrimps when I resume my non-vegan life. People have asked me if I will remain vegan and I don’t think I will. However, I will continue cooking vegan meals once in a while.

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