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La Poutine Week 16: Sésame

On Thursday night, Sam and I went to the opera to see Otello. We wanted to try Escondite but there was no place so we walked to Biiru, which didn’t have any place either. I remembered that Sésame was participating and it almost made my Top 15. It was a chinese fondue inspired poutine.

Here’s the description: fries, cheese curds, beef, chicken, brocoli, mushrooms and a gravy from a chinese fondue broth.


Sesame Poutine


Chinese fondue!

It was served with 2 sauces as a fondue is normally served with. One had garlic and honey, while the other one had honey. It was delicious and I enjoyed both sauces. I’m happy that I got to try this poutine even if it didn’t make my list.


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