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La Poutine Week 16: Le Red Tiger

La Poutine Week officially started today! Apparently I’m the Queen of Poutine because I was on the cover of a Montreal daily newspaper. A journalist from 24 Heures interviewed me so I knew I was going to be in the newspaper. However, I didn’t know that I would be on the front page so I was quite shocked when a friend sent me a photo of the cover. Read the article in French here.

I’m pretty excited to try some delicious poutines! I actually got to try the one I quoted from Le Red Tiger on Friday night, even if it wasn’t available on the menu yet.

Here is the description of The Pretty Vietnamese: juicy beef rolled in fine betel leaves, traditional Vietnamese sausages, homemade fries mixed with melting cheese curds covered in Red Tiger’s 5 Asian spices gravy & topped with corn, shallots, fried onions, crushed peanuts and cilantro. 


The Pretty Vietnamese


In action!

Just as I imagined it, it was delicious! I ate it with chopsticks, an interesting experience. The mix of flavours was incredible with the spicy gravy. It was tasty and cheesy. It was nicely presented, simple but colourful. If you like Vietnamese food, go try it now. And while you’re there, try one of their amazing cocktails!


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