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La Poutine Week 16: My Top Picks

It’s that time of year again where we stuff our faces with crazy poutines! La Poutine Week is only 3 days away! This year, they have expanded their horizons around the world with countries such as USA, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Argentina, France and United Kingdom  participating as well. Surprising and very exciting! But then again, I guess people really love poutine! There are close to 40 poutines this year in Montreal and a lot of variety. I was happy to see many Asian inspired poutines. I’m also willing to travel to the South Shore to try some interesting poutines. Maybe I’ll rent a car and drive since I got my driving license’s a month ago!

If you don’t already have La Passe Poutine, go and get one so you can save 15% of a poutine and get other discounts. You can also get a funky tuque. Great deal, especially if you’re on a tight budget. You can purchase one at the cost of 15 or 20 dollars at Fabergé (25 Fairmount West). Don’t forget to get La Poutine Week app available on App Store and Play Store.

Here are my top pics!

Le Red Tiger – The Pretty Vietnamese – $12

This Vietnamese inspired poutine is simply breathtaking!  Juicy beef rolled in fine betel leaves, traditional vietnamese sausages, homemade fries mixed with melting cheese curds covered in Red Tiger’s 5 Asian spices gravy & topped with corn, shallots, fried onions, crushed peanuts and cilantro. 

Red Tiger

© La Poutine Week

Medley Simple Malt – Pitcher Poutine – $22

Who hasn’t dreamed of a pitcher filled with poutine on those nights you partied too much? Fries, St-Guillaume cheese curds, Single Malt Dubbel dark beer sauce and greens onions. For the non-risk takers, you can get the regular size at $9. Though, this pitcher poutine is to be shared between at least 2 people.

Medley Simple Malt

© La Poutine Week

Fabergé – Chocolate Breakfast Poutine – $12

I love brunching at Fabergé so this Mexican inspired poutine is a must-try! Crispy home fries, roasted peppers, caramelized onions, cheese curds, hollandaise & mole sauces and topped with an egg or our famous fried chicken. For those who don’t know, molé is a sauce made with many ingredients, including chili peppers and chocolate.


© La Poutine Week

Imadake – Ramen Poutine – Unknown price

Omg, it’s a ramen poutine!!!!!!!! I loved Imadake’s okonomiyaki poutine two years ago and I’m looking forward to this one! I don’t know all the ingredients yet but I see half an egg, char siu pork, cheese curds, nori (seaweed) and shallots with fries.


© La Poutine Week

Chez Boris – Sweet Poutine – $8.50

Of course, I would want to try a poutine with doughnut dough fries!!! Doughnut dough fries, ricotta cheese curds, sea salt and espresso caramel gravy and peaches.

Chez Boris

© La Poutine Week

Escondite – The New el Paso! – Unknown price

This Latin American inspired poutine is colorful with: yuca fries, chipotle gravy, queso Oaxaca, cheese curds, grilled pineapple, spicy pork chunks, coriander, guajillo & ancho powder and totopos. 


© La Poutine Week

Biiru – Hyottoko’s Poutine – Unknown price

Yes, another Japanese poutine, I am in heaven!!! Sweet potato fries, white miso gravy, cheese curds, tempura flakes, teriyaki glazed pulled pork, toasted sesame oil, kizami nori (sort of seaweed)  and togarashi (Japanese spice mixture). Hyottoko is a comical Japanese character portrayed with the use of a funny mask.


© La Poutine Week

Bar Brutus – Old Fashioned Poutine – Unknown price

A poutine with alcohol in it, I’m ready!!! Jim Beam bourbon-infused cheese topped with Jim Beam bourbon poutine sauce, Angostura and orange zest.

Bar Brutus

© Bar Brutus

Bofinger (Park Avenue) – Bo Poutine Burger – $10

A burger with poutine like bun, take my money now!!!  Triple-A beef grilled, topped with cheese curds and signature peppercorn poutine sauce. Vegetarians can also try this burger with a portobello mushroom patty instead. You can also add cheese or bacon to the poutine for $2.50.


© La Poutine Week

La Brasserie Saint-Denis – La Thérèse Poutine – $18

This poutine looks a little more intense than the Bofinger one. Braised pork cheek, homemade cream corn, red skin fries, cheese curds with duck and Kwak beer sauce.

Brasserie Saint-Denis

© La Poutine Week

Poutine Centrale – The Jambalaya Poutine – $10

A Louisana cajun dish inspired poutine, yes please!!! Smoked sausage and chicken in a blend of cajun spices and vegetables.

© La Poutine Week

© La Poutine Week

Mile Public House – Duck Imperial Rolls Poutine – $10

This looks absurdly amazing, I would travel to Brossard to try this!!! Imperial rolls stuffed with Gouda cheese curds, confit duck and fries.


© La Poutine Week

Le Gourmet Burger – {Umami 1957} – $12

Le Gourmet Burger always has interesting poutines. Minced steak, sautéed onions and mushrooms drizzled with smoked BBQ & truffle sauce and garnished with shallots.


© La Poutine Week

Le Gras Dur – All-in Poutine $9  

Fries, cheese curds, sauce (veal stock, beer, bacon and caramelized onions), smoked stuffed sausages, Swiss Emmental cheese, chicken schnitzel and braised cabbage. You can get a larger format for $15. 


© La Poutine Week

Les Enfants Terribles – Bourguignon Poutine – $20   

Who knew that a poutine could also be a fancy meal? Fried baked potato, beef bourguignon short ribs, truffle cheese and garnished with flowers.


© La Poutine Week

At first, I wanted to make a top 10 but there are so many poutines that look amazing and I handed up picking 15. Oooops! My schedule this semester isn’t as flexible as previous years so I’ll only be able to try one poutine a day, except on weekends! I’m hoping to try at least 10 poutines so let me know if you want to join me on my quest of La Poutine Week!



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