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Cookies Galore!

I had my last exam on December 14th and when I handed in my Canadian politics exam, I was ecstatic! I danced as I headed to my locker to grab my things. My semester of hell had finally ended. I WAS FREE AGAIN!!! It was my father’s birthday so I called him when I returned home. After, I passed out because I had been sleeping 4 to 5 hours a day in the last week due to studying. I was still working the rest of the week and on the Wednesday evening, I decided to bake four batches of cookies. A pretty ambitious project but I was ready. Yet again, I borrowed the cookie bible known as Field Guide to Cookies by Anita Chu. I should order myself a copy on amazon now that I have a credit card.

First, I made some peanut butter cookies for my friend Ruth. Yes, the entire batch went to her.


Peanut butter cookies

I also made some snickerdoodles cookies because I love cinnamon and it’s a nice holiday cookie.


Snickerdoodle cookies

I made white chocolate chip cookies and they were delicious. I personally prefer white chocolate because it’s sweeter and it tasted better than my regular chocolate chip cookies.


White chocolate chip cookies

Of course, I made some sugar cookies because it’s a holiday classic with red and green sprinkles.


Sugar cookies

I love baking so much, I sometimes wonder if I pursue to become a journalist or just become a baker. I would really want to go to baking school one day. Maybe who knows.


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