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Sunday Baking

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I love baking, everyone who knows me well knows that. Yesterday, I decided I was going to bake. Why you ask? Because I want to and I bought all the necessary ingredients the day before. I have a tendency of going all out when I do something. Why bake one thing when I can bake multiple things?



I started by making a cheesecake and this time, I had a springform pan! My cheesecake was perfect! Well amost because I didn’t have enough graham crackers to make the crumbs but I still did it so my crust is tiny. I used the recipe from the Philadelphia cream cheese box, which is slightly different than the one available online. I had shared a link when I had baked my first cheesecake in February. I decided to make a simple berry coulis to add over the cheesecake. The result was spectacular, I am incredibly proud of myself!




Slice of cheesecake with berry coulis

Then, I decided to make a banana bread because there were many bananas and they were going to go bad if not eaten soon enough.


A classic

Lastly, I decided to make shortbread cookies. I had first made some in the end of April and they turned out great, except they weren’t perfectly cut. I had used the recipe from Field Guide to Cookies by Anita Chu. The second try was the recipe of the Club House rice flour. I needed xantham gum but I didn’t have any and I saw that chia seeds could be a substitute. That’s why there’s small dots in the cookies I made yesterday.


Round shortbread cookies


My first shortbread cookies

I had so many vegetables left over so I decided to cook them before they went bad. I mixed mushrooms, zucchinis, colourful peppers, carrots and tomatoes. I added some origan and cumin. It tasted nice over some rice and with some Portuguese chicken. It added colour to my plate and it’s nutritious!


Sautéed vegetables

I had lots of fun baking and cooking yesterday. I really love my stand mixer, it’s the best investment I’ve made so far. I’m going to try more desserts this summer, I can’t wait!


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