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So lately, I’ve been eating pretty healthy. Actually very healthy, it looks like I’m on a diet but I’m not. Maybe it’s my subconscious guiding me to eat healthy so I can get my body back in shape for the summer. Yes, I’m aware that I also need to some physical activity but I haven’t decided my plan of action yet. I think the best thing would be to start running outdoors. Yes, I’m very desperate because I hate running but I really want to have a flat stomach and wear that cropped shirt I bought last summer. Is this dedication or motivation? Everyone keeps telling me to cut my food portions, especially sugar if I want to have a flat stomach. But I live for sweets so it’s incredibly difficult. There is sugar in so many food products! I’m trying to consume those who don’t have an excessive amount but it’s hard.

I tried doing a 5-day gluten-free challenge last week starting May 11th. It didn’t go as well as planned for a few reasons. First, I didn’t have time to cook the meals in advance. Secondly, I started my new internship so I went to bed and woke up early. Thirdly, my internship had a party to welcome new employees on the 3rd day and they had lots of food containing gluten. As the glutton that I am, I couldn’t resist and after all, wouldn’t it be rude if I refused their hospitality? There was bagels, salmon, cream cheese, cheese, fruits, veggies and even wine! I think I’m going to enjoy my internship at this travel agency. The team is very nice and thoughtful. The bosses buy food for the employees: coffee, waffles, ice cream, frozen meals, bread, and much more. I have never seem something as wonderful as this at a job. The company seems too good to be true, maybe I’m dreaming and I’ll wake up soon…

There was another 30-day hot yoga challenge in the month of June at Enso Yoga. I was going to subscribe again but I knew I wouldn’t be able to go for 3 days, as I’ll be out of a town for a weekend. Plus, I probably won’t do hot yoga on my birthday! Also the last time I did the challenge, I was feeling half relaxed and half stressed because of time constraints and limitation of other activities. As I mentioned before, I was thinking of running outdoors because it costs nothing. However, I’m worried that my ankle isn’t ready to handle the pressure. My podiatrist said I could do some yoga, contemporary dancing and other sports, as long as I bandage my ankle for it to remain straight and stable. He also told me my ankle should be back to its former shape 6 months after the injury so by September. I was going to subscribe to the gym this week to start going 3 to 4 times a week, but I was told that it’d be cheaper if I registered as of June 1st. I’m thinking of seeing a trainer to have a fixed routine or training and possibly keep me motivated.

I’ve been eating salads for dinner. My mother always eats salads and she would make me sometimes but I didn’t like her lettuce so I decided to buy better ingredients. Lately, I’ve been adding fruits in my salad from raspberries to blueberries to blackberries to pears. I bought some feta cheese to add as well. Also when there’s almonds, I’ll throw them in the salad. If there’s some fine herbs, I’ll add them too and cover it in a balsamic vinaigrette. I just bought a berry flavoured one last weekend and it’s delicious.

For breakfast this past week, I’ve had plain Greek yogurt with raspberries and oats covered in maple syrup. I’ve been trying to cut bread out of my diet forever so this is a good alternative so far. I’ll talk about the nice recipes I learned during my gluten-free challenge in a future post.

If you follow me on Instagram (@nyeba), you’ll notice my healthier lifestyle and all the salads I’ve been eating. Here’s a photo of my prettiest salad creation!

Colourful salad

Colourful salad


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