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In the end, I didn’t write anything in the month of April. At least, I had mentioned in my previous post that I wouldn’t be posting for a few weeks. I finished my internship this Friday and I’m relieved because I had so much work. I was also pressured to find another internship for the summer, which I thankfully found or it would have had some repercussions on my final grades. Of course, I’m still dealing with other personal things and I’ll never know when I’ll stop worrying about those things. For now, I’m trying to relax and breathe. Pretty ironic since I always tell people to do those 2 things while I barely do it myself.

My ankle healed after being on crutches and using a cane for 5 weeks. It was really annoying and I’ve decided to consult a podiatrist to fix my problem or at least try to. Somebody asked me if I could survive 2 years without wearing heels and I told them “no”. I don’t want to sacrifice anything because of my ankle and especially not my beautiful heels.

I’ve started writing for a new blog called Sweets & Squats! This awesome blog is from a graduated journalism student, a common friend introduced us. So far, I’ve written 2 articles, which I’ll share shortly. I urge you to check out her blog, especially if you’re into the healthy lifestyle.

Thanks everyone!



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