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Winter Hell

This winter season is one of the worst I’ve seen since I first arrived to Montreal almost 15 years ago. The cold has been so intense, it’s unbearable. When I got home after my internship in the week, I pretty much hibernate on my couch reading or watching television. March is quickly coming and I hope that we’ll have warmer weather.

I have decided to do a 30-day hot yoga challenge at Enso Yoga for the month of March. I had mentioned earlier in the winter that I wanted to do some physical activity so I could stay in shape. I’ve been doing aerial yoga since mid-January, which is yoga with the use of a hamac. It’s the coolest thing, I feel like an acrobat. Well at least, when I manage to do the crazy tricks. I only do it once a week but maybe I’ll do it twice a week when the next level starts. The reason I’m doing the hot yoga challenge is because I’m hoping I will feel energized by doing an hour of yoga daily. Also hoping, it will make me feel less stressed and more relaxed. Of course, if it can help me have a flat stomach, I’ll be excited. I already bough a yoga mat and figured out my schedule. I’ll let you know how it went in April, well if I survive the heat.

A friend told me I should not write about my past restaurant visits and only concentrate on recent ones. I understood his point, especially if the places I visited shut down since. However, most of the places on my list are still open and they’re amazing so I’ll keep writing about it. It’s going to be a long journey but I’ll catch up to today!

Thanks for reading and following me everyone!!!!



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