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Lola Rosa Café 2

In May 2013, Dom and I had a date. I decided to bring her to Lola Rosa because it’s one of my favourite vegetarian restaurants. We went to the one on Milton because I hadn’t gotten the chance to sit down last time I went there.

I remember it was during the time where we couldn’t drink tap water because a pipe had exploded in the St-Lawrence River and contaminated it. In some areas of the city, it was a different colour, almost brownish. People were buying bottled water. The waitress suggested the homemade iced tea, which was made with bottled water. It was lightly sweet and very refreshing on the hot summer day.


Dom ordered the Burrito, which was served with salad and rice. The burrito had black beans, corn, tomato, cilantro, mozzarella, spicy sour cream, green onions, sweet potatoes and jalapenos. She loved her dish but was full quickly. I had a bite and tasted how filling the burrito was, especially with a side or rice.


I ordered the Hemp Burger, which was served with a salad. The burger is made with hemp seeds, lentils, chia and grilled tofu. It’s topped with cheese, salad, tomatoes, a pickle and covered with bbq sauce. The burger was flavourful and delicious. I really enjoyed the salad with beet, carrot and chick peas. I realized that veggie burgers can be just as good as meat burgers. I was stuffed after my main dish but I still wanted to try a dessert.


Dom had the Pineapple & Raspberry cheesecake to go because she was full after her main dish but wanted to taste one of their desserts. She texted me later that day to say the dessert was delicious and she was happy she got it.


I ordered the Apple Crisp served with vanila ice cream. It was one of the best apple crumbles I’ve had. I love the mix of hot and cold so I love desserts that are hot and served with ice cream. I had a very generous serving. I wasn’t able to finish it as I was full so I took the rest of the go. Of course, I made sure to finish the ice cream first.


We had a wonderful service and the food was delicious. It gets the same grade I gave it before, a 9/10. It cost us 25 dollars for a drink, a main dish and a dessert with taxes and tips. I recommend this restaurant to everyone. If you’re not vegetarian but are curious, check out Lola Rosa. If you are a small group, I suggest the Milton location and if you’re a big group, go to the Parc location. Dom told me that Lola Rosa was the best vegetarian restaurant I made her discover. I was really happy to hear that!

p.s. The pictures are blurry because I didn’t want to use the flash and blind everyone.


Lola Rosa Café

545 Milton, Montreal, QC

H2X 1W5 514-287-9337


Lola Rosa Parc

4581 Du Parc, Montreal, QC

H2V 4E5 514-843-5652


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