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Poutine Week 2015: Winners!

Sorry everyone for only posting this now! This last week was pretty overwhelming. The weather in Montreal is cold, depressing and exhausting. Is spring almost here? Please I need some sun and warmth to survive in this world!!! We’re already in mid-February so that’s good.

Anyway if you haven’t had a chance to see who the winners of La Poutine Week 2015 edition, well here they are!

Dirty Dogs won People’s Choice

The Boss Poutine

The Boss Poutine

Copper branch won Healthiest Poutine

Healthy Vegan Poutine

Healthy Vegan Poutine

Fabergé won This is Not a Poutine

The People's Waffle

The People’s Waffle

Shawarmaz won Judge’s Choice


#ShawarmazManic ®ShawarmazManic

I am so happy that I got to try 3 of the winning poutines. The one at Shawarmaz looked really good with garlic potatoes and the choice of chicken or beef at $8.99. Hope you all enjoyed La Poutine Week, see you next year poutine lovers!


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  1. Oh my, your post makes me so hungry! They all look so good ❤


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