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Poutine Week 2015: Fabergé

Earlier today, I had my last poutine and one of my top choices. Fabergé is one of my favourite places to brunch and I was really excited to try their poutine. Last year, they had an Italian poutine and I loved it. This year, it was a crispy potato waffle topped with braised duck, cheese curds and gravy. Wait, a poutine made with waffle? Yes, it’s possible and it’s wonderful. The flavours blended well together. The duck was tender while the sauce was juicy and slightly sweet.

The People's Waffle

The People’s Waffle

It costed $12, which was a decent price. My friend Sam ordered the signature dish, which is fried chicken and sweet waffles together. It’s served with a homemade BBQ sauce, maple syrup, coleslaw and potatoes. I was so happy she ordered it because I always to try it. When you mix them with the sauce and syrup, you get a delicious mix of sweet and spicy. The portion is huge and she didn’t end up finishing it.

Chicken & Waffles

Chicken & Waffles

If you’ve never been to Fabergé, you should go soon! The drinks are amazing and the food is good. I tried a chai latte for the first time there and I loved it!

Chai Latte

Coffee & Chai Latte



27 Fairmount West, Montreal, QC,

H2T 2L9 514-903-6649


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