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Poutine Week 2015: Poutineville

When I heard Poutineville was making a sugar shack poutine, I cried of joy. I love sugar shack food, especially the maple syrup poured over everything. I love maple syrup because it’s super sweet! It’s also a healthier alternative to sugar. This poutine was a must-try in my agenda. Yesterday, I went to the location on Ontario. I was so excited when my plate arrived! A pancake is topped with crushed potatoes, cheese curds, ham, an omelette and a tempura bacon strip. All of it is covered in maple syrup and served with baked beans on the side. How can I describe the flavours? It was heaven in my mouth! Best sugar shack meal I’ve eaten so far. The poutine is extremely intense, I was not able to finish it. I forced myself but I had reached my limit sadly. I’m hoping this poutine will be available for sugar shack season so I can eat it again.

Sugar Shack

Sugar Shack

At the cost of $10, for the ones who have a sweet tooth like me! You will not regret this crazy poutine at all!


Poutineville (2 locations)

 1348 Beaubien East, Montreal, QC

H2G 1K8 514-544-8800 

1365 Ontario East, Montreal, QC

H2L 1S1 514-419-5444


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