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Poutine Week 2015: ART:BRGR

This is definitely one of the craziest poutines, which seem almost impossible to finish. The poutine is served in a bowl made out of phyllo dough. Food served in an edible bowl is a wonderful idea. ART:BRGR offers 2 versions of the poutine. The first is with minced meat, merguez sausage and smoked ham. The second is mushrooms, sweet peppers and grilled onions. They both contain fries and cheese curds and are topped with chili peppers, their unique gravy and a sunny side up egg. You have to break the egg so the liquid runs through the poutine and you can enjoy the mix of flavours. It’s very hot and spicy, but the phyllo helps. Its taste is similar to a pita, but crispier.The vegetarian version tastes just as good, simply spicier and lighter. The portion is extremely generous, especially considering it’s for one person.

Caveman Meat Poutine + Vegetarian option

Caveman Meat Poutine

At the cost of $15, it’s worth trying if you have a huge appetite. Plus if you’re 2, you should try both versions and compare!


408 Gilford St., Montreal, QC
H2J 1N2 514-903-5500


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