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Poutine Week 2015: Dirty Dogs

Dirty Dogs’ poutine looks pretty simple, made with their famous duck gravy. Homemade Dr. Pepper chili, red cabbage coleslaw, onions and a drizzle of their house mustard cover the fries and cheese curds. I really enjoyed the mix of the coleslaw with the chili and mustard. It tasted sweet and sour at the same time. Also, we always feel reassured when there’s some vegetables in a poutine, it makes it a little bit healthier. Cabbage coleslaw is often found in salads! The constrast of colours was nice with the fuschia and dirty yellow. The portion was generous and could easily be shared among 2 people.

The Boss Poutine

The Boss Poutine

At the cost of $12, you should try this poutine if you only swear by the classic poutine version.


Dirty Dogs

25 Mont-Royal East, Montreal, QC

H2T 1R4 514-508-3647


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