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Poutine Week 2015: Chez Boris

Last year, Chez Boris had a dessert poutine but I wasn’t able to try it. I was hoping they’d have a dessert one this year too but they didn’t. I was a little heartbroken, well until I had a bite of this vegetarian poutine. The fries are made with doughnut dough fries, which are probably the next best thing after sweet potato fries. Crunchy and soft, it felt like I was eating a dessert. It’s a chili made with beet, beans and smokey chipotle peppers chili are served over the fries and cheese curds. Th ewhole is topped with a dollop of sour cream and sprinkled by shallots. The mix of flavours are incredible with some sweetness, spiciness and sourness. It’s a mix of Russian, Quebecor and Mexican flavours apparently. It’s an average portion but quickly fills you up.

Vladimir Végétarienovich Poutine

Vladimir Végétarienovich Poutine

At the cost of $10, it’s definitely worth trying just for the doughnut dough fries!


Chez Boris

5151 Parc Ave, Montreal, QC

H2V 4G3 514-900-1965


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