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It’s Poutine Time!

Are you ready for La Poutine Week Montrealers? From February 1st to the 7th, you’ll get to sample special and creative poutines from the city. Up to date, there’s 49 restaurants participating. Yes, that’s 49 poutines to choose from. If you want to see photos of the poutines, you can like the Facebook Page and follow the Instagram account @lapoutineweek. This year, I got to photograph some poutines and there’s many different choices for all tastes! I even got to sample a few of them, definitely one of the best jobs I had with blogging last year!

I’ve decided I’m going to make some lists of different picks from poutines I’ve tried or want to try.

Top Choices 

Poutineville: SUGAR SHACK –  Crushed potatoes,  cheese curds, ham, bacon, baked beans, omelette and maple syrup on a pancake. (Omg, sugar shack!!!)

Fabergé: THE PEOPLE’S WAFFLE – Crispy potato waffle, topped with braised duck, cheese and gravy.

Bar Brutus: JÄGERFIREPOUTINE – Yukon gold fries, gouda cheese, caramelized red onions, Jägermeister and chipotle sauce.

These are the ones I have to try no matter what!

Top Vegetarian

Lola Rosa Park: LA RASPOUTINE – Fries, Romanoff sauce made from vodka & raspberry and caramelized onions. (Delicious and heard it was served with a shot of vodka!)

Chez Boris: VLADIMIR VÉGÉTARIENOVICH POUTINE – Bean and smokey chipotle peppers chili, sour cream and cheese curds over doughnut dough fries. (Doughnut dough fries are the best!)

Copper Branch: HEALTHY VEGAN POUTINE – Air-baked fries with vegan cheese and portobello & miso sauce.

These are the vegetarian poutines for my veggie/vegan lovers and they all taste good!

Top Madness

Burger Bar Crescent: JUST VEAL WITH IT – Fries, cheese curds, caramelized pears topped with white wine braised veal osso buco and a demi glace poutine sauce. (Almost had a heart attack when I saw this!)

ART:BRGR: CAVEMAN MEAT POUTINE – Crispy fries, minced meat, merguez sausage, ham, topped with cheese, peppers and a sunny side up egg in a bread wrap you can eat. There’s also a vegetarian option. (Both versions were crazy delicious!)

SuWu: UNKNOWN – Unfortunately the name of the poutine isn’t available but here’s a picture of it with a half chicken for 2 people!


These are the crazy ones for the daredevils who aren’t afraid of huge portions!

Top Fancy

Monsieur Resto + Bar: POUTINE MONSIEUR C. VERDE – Mix of yukon and sweet potato fries, chorizo, sautéed wild mushrooms & kale and cheese curds & grated mozzarella. (With local and organic ingredients, it’s flavourful and colourful!)

La Taverne F Par Ferreira: THE SALTED COD FERREIRA POUTINE – Fries, salted cod, caramelized onions, creamy sauce, cheese curds and lemon zest. (I’ve never heard of a fish poutine but it tasted good!)

La Cabane du Portugal: PORK AND CLAMS ALENTEJANA – Filets of marinated pork sautéed with clams and cheese curds served on cubed fried potatoes. (A poutine with clams, what!?!)

These are the high-class poutines for those who want a sophisticated touch!

Top Exotic

Pub Burgundy Lion: COLONIAL POUTINE – Tikka masala chicken, fries, cheese curds, cucumber yogourt, coriander and crispy chicken skin. (Because I love Indian food!)

Restaurant Cho – CHO’S BRAISED BEEF KIMCHI POUTINE – Fries, braised beef, spicy aioli, shredded mozzarella and kimchi topped with house gravy, green onions and sesame seeds. (This Korean poutine version was delicious!)

Sésame – ORENJI – Fries, beef panko with orange sauce, carrot chips and thai basil pesto. 

These are the ones that have some spice to it if you’re up for something new!

Top Interesting

Broue Pub Brouhaha: LA FAIM DU LOUP – Pulled lamb braised in wild mushroom juices, fried potatoes, caramelized pearl onions, sautéed chanterelles, fried diced bacon and cheddar cheese curds with duck gravy.

Lucky’s Truck et Gueule de Bois: KRAFT N BEEF – Crispy fries, jalapenos Kraft Dinner sauce, fresh cheese, meatball and green peas

Uniburger: UNI-FRIES – Crispy fries topped with smooth velvet cheese, grilled onions and Uniburger’s famous secret sauce.

These are the ones I’d like to try if I can!

p.s. I will be posting pictures of the 24 poutines I photographed on Instagram really shortly so make sure to follow me @nyeba! Don’t forget to hashtag #LaPoutineWeek!


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