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Café Souvenir

In May 2013, Em and I had our brunch date. We were supposed to go to Régine Café on Beaubien but we couldn’t get in as it was Mother’s Day and exceptionnally, you needed reservations on that day. I thought I was gonna cry because I heard amazing reviews about it. I ended up going to Régine Café a month later and I loved it!!! Luckily Em had driven that day and we drove to Outremont. She brought me to Café Souvenir, a cute little café.

The menu is an adorable format with images and stamps related to travelling, similar to postcards.


I ordered a smoothie called the Proteined with cantaloupe melon, orange, yogurt and honey. It was sweet and not very heavy.


Em wanted to eat some eggs so she went with omelette. She was able to choose 3 toppings to add in the omelette. She added onions, spinach and a cheese, probably brie. It was served with a bowl of fruit and a choice of bread. Em was feeling like a bagel. The omelette was rich and tasty, she loved it.


I had the florentine eggs, which consisted of two poached eggs grated with 2 cheeses, spinach and bechamel. It was served with potatoes, a bowl of fresh fruits and a choice of bread. I felt like an english muffin. I love bechamel sauce and florentine eggs are always a choice I rarely regret. The eggs were delicious, mushy and creamy. It was a filling breakfast, which I fully enjoyed.


It cost me 20 dollars including taxes and tips for a meal and a smoothie. I definitely recommend this place, even if it’s tiny and narrow. It gets a grade of 8.5/10. The terrace was nice.


Café Souvenir

1261 Bernard, Montreal, QC

H2V 3M8 514-948-5259


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