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Chez Lévêque – MTL à TABLE

Roxanne and Ruth are my favourite pair of people to dine with. They are always up to try new things and make sure we all have different plates so we can taste from each’s plate. I had suggested that we try out a restaurant during MTL à TABLE. Roxanne had pointed Helena and Chez Lévêque as her preferred choices. After debating which restaurant to choose, I opted for the latter one as it was close to an event I was attending that evening on November 6th.

The menu on the restaurant had more choices than the one you can view on the MTL à TABLE website. At first, I thought it was going to be an extra fee but it wasn’t. A lovely surprise for us, as we chose 5 things from the new choices.

This is the first time that I am served bread with a small dish of cretons and pickles. I was delighted. I also enjoyed the variety of the bread they had in the dish, including pumpernickel bread.


 First Service: Appetizer

Rox had the veal tongue with gribiche sauce (mayonnaise cold egg sauce), cress and celeriac puree. It was served cold, which I wasn’t expecting. The sauce was nice but the portions were ridiculously tiny. Rox remembered that she wasn’t a fan of the tongue texture when we went to Au Pied de Cochon in summer 2013. I’m not sure how I could describe the texture, thick and moist probably.


Ruth had the duck gizzards with blackcurrant vinaigrette, lardon, escarole (salad) and poached egg. I had already tasted duck gizzards, chewy and heavy. The mix with lardon and poached egg was rich and flavourful. Without a doubt the best appetizer of the round.


I had Niçoise salad with green beans, tomatoes, onions, new potatoes, chervil and seized albacore tuna. Yes, I ordered a salad and no, I’m not on a diet. I was just intrigued by the taste of tuna and eggs in this cold salad. It looked like a tiny salad but it was fulfilling.


Second Service: Entrée

Rox had the seafood chowder with clams, oysters, salmon, potatoes and saffron oil. I had never tasted a seafood chowder and I found this one extremely salty. Rox was disappointed there was so little seafood, which is a reason I rarely order seafood plates in restaurants.


Ruth had the Grenoble ray wing with cauliflower puree, green beans and hazelnuts. I am not a fan of fish but I still had a bite and enjoyed everything but the ray wing, especially the cauliflower puree. Ruth and Rox loved the dish so I guess it was delicious.


I had the duck leg confit with Du Puy lentils, garlic sausage and apple must. The duck was slightly crunchy and was well paired with the lentils. The garlic sausage was delicious. I enjoyed the presentation of my plate and its content.


Third Service: Dessert

Rox had the Tomme des Demoiselles, orange scone, squash marmalade. I was skeptic about this dessert because the tomme is a cheese. For me, desserts should be sweet not salty and I am not a fan of marmalade. It was an interesting mix of sweet and salty with different flavours tingling my taste buds. Rox found her dessert okay.


Ruth had the Chocolate cake, poached pears and Poire William sabayon. The sabayon is an Italian dessert, a lighter version of custard. The flavour of pears was nice but with the chocolate cake, the dessert was incredibly rich and filling. Ruth enjoyed her dessert.


I had the Pistachio-raspberry mousse cake, homemade yogurt and Rose water Kataïfi. The mix of flavours was exquisite. This mousse cake was everything I love about desserts, it’s light, sweet and fruity. It was a perfect portion and yet, I could have easily eaten another one. I didn’t want to share with the others and I usually feel that way when I love my dish.


We were all happy that we chose Chez Lévêque. The three-course-service  cost 39 dollars. Except for Rox who ordered a glass of white wine, it cost us around 50 dollars with tips and taxes included. I had always wanted to try this restaurant but never got the opportunity. If I would grade it as the other restaurants I try, I would give it at 9/10. The service was excellent and the food was delicious, but not enough for a perfect score.

Rox was slightly disappointed with her dishes, jealous of Ruth’s dishes. Ruth was extremely happy and satisfied with her choices. I enjoyed my dishes as well, the dessert was breathtaking. I heard brunch was amazing at Chez Lévêque and would love to return another time when I’m richer.


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