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Le Local – MTL à TABLE

Tuesday night, I finally tried one of the participating restaurants for MTL à TABLE. I went to Le Local with a friend I hadn’t seen in a while, Sinath. She had asked on Facebook last month who wanted to try out a restaurant and I had quickly responded. When asked which restaurant to try, I suggested 5 places and one of them was Le Local. I had been at the restaurant for a photoshoot during my internship at Inspiro and found the location and space beautiful. I was also impressed by the enormous wine cellar.

We were seated on comfortable chairs and a lower table near the bar. It was a relaxed atmosphere with dim lights, which is why I would like to apologize for the not-so amazing photos. I had to take at least 3 takes as the others were blurry and no, I didn’t want to use flash.

For the first service, there was a choice of two appetizers and we each tried one. Sinath had the bitter lettuce salad with torta mascarpone, raisins, pecans, prosciutto di Parma 18 months and sourdough bread chips. The salad wasn’t as bitter as expected but the mix of flavours was delicious, a nice blend of sweet and salty.


I had the scallop and homemade blood pudding with autumn squash, endive, apple butter and Apple Jack Sauce. I was scared that the taste of the blood pudding would be overwhelming but it wasn’t, I didn’t even taste it. The 2 pieces of scallop were delicious and had a buttery taste. I really enjoyed my appetizer.


For the second service, we both had the Canadian beef chuck with caramelized onion, curry puree, roasted cabbage, goat cheese, meat jus and apple pickles. The presentation was beautiful and the meal was delicious. The beef chuck was a huge piece of meat. It was extremely tender and juicy, easy to cut pieces. Meat lovers will love this plate. The puree was good, especially with the goat cheese. The apple pickles are sweet, a nice touch to the rich flavours.


For the third service, we decided to order the two desserts available on the recommendation of the waiter. The spiced cake was served chômeur style. The cake was in a glass jar covered with the hot caramel sauce and topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.


The crème brulée was pumpkin flavoured and served with biscotti. I’m not a big fan of pumpkin, but I actually enjoyed this dessert. It was very subtle. Sinath mentioned that for a crème brulée to be good, the top part must be hard and break easily after tapping with a spoon.


I enjoyed every single meal and was impressed by the different combination of flavours. The only negative thing is that the waitress didn’t tell me that the mousseux she gave me instead of the one that ran out was double the price. I was a bit surprised  when I got my bill. Broke girl struggles.

The three-course-service at Le Local cost 39 dollars. Since I had a 16 dollars drink, it cost me just under 70 with tips and taxes included. I was happy to have tried this restaurant during MTL à TABLE. I would definitely recommend this restaurant, especially if you’re a wine lover and have a big budget. If I would grade it as the other restaurants I try, I would give it at 9/10.


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