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Vegan life: The Aftermath

I completed my 21-day vegan challenge with success. I want to say a special thank you to everyone who supported and believed in me. It is greatly appreciated!


Copious brunch: strawberry jam toast, maple nut cereal, maple banana muffin, grapes & chai tea

How do I feel now? I feel different that’s for sure. How different? I feel more confident in cooking dishes. I used to hate cooking because it was messy and annoyed. Almost everytime I cut onions, I cry. When I fry things with oil, I often get burnt. I’m actually a very clumsy person. Just today, I burnt popcorn.


Generous dinner: basmati rice with sautéed curry tofu

I had mentioned in my previous post that I ate cheese. Well on October 18, after waking up at 4:30 pm and eating a copious brunch and later dinner, I was finally able to eat 2 things I enjoy a lot and terribly missed: APPLE PIE AND VANILLA ICE CREAM!!! I had to capitalize the words to show my excitement. Those are 2 of my favourite desserts!


Perfect dessert: apple pie & vanilla ice cream

Did I eat a good steak? No, I haven’t and I don’t think I will anytime soon. Right now, I’m transitioning from vegan to vegetarian. I think my body would react badly to meat. I didn’t have any meat cravings during my vegan challenge, only cravings of dairy products. Does this make me want to stop eating meat forever and becoming vegan or vegetarian? I’m unsure because I’ve always loved meat, especially trying new extravagant kinds from bison to horse meat. I’m known to splurge on food, especially foods with a ridiculous amount of calories. A classmate told me that my Instagram feed was sad with all the vegan food and found it funny that right before that, there’s pictures from Le Burger Week. It made me laugh because I went from eating lots of meat to eating none. I never cease to surprise myself.


Decent brunch: scrambled tofu & toast

I’ve decided that I will keep a vegan diet in my lifestyle. I haven’t decided exactly how I’m going to manage this but maybe I could have in a month, 1 vegan week, 1 vegetarian week and 2 meat weeks. I also need to reduce my consumption of sugar and wheat in my lifestyle. Why this change, am I trying to lose weight? Not even, I just want to become a healthier and happier person. I believe I can achieve it by changing my lifestyle. The only thing missing is a physical activity. I want to do kickboxing or pilates, maybe in 2015.


Dinner from Vegan Family: chili with rice, sour cream & tortilla chips

On October 19, I met a vegan family for my magazine writing class. They were very friendly, especially the children. The mother made a delicious dinner, which is definitely the best vegan food I’ve had until now. We discussed of many things and I found out many things about the vegan lifestyle.


Dinner from Vegan Family: apple crumble with chocolate ice cream

p.s. I will let you know what happens when I eat meat and how I felt. I’m going to start with white meat like chicken or maybe have some shrimps.


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  1. I think it would definitely be hard to cut meat entirely out of your life – I eat pretty vegetarian and ever I find it hard! Because C and I cook together a lot now, we’re eating mainly vegetarian with one or two days of ‘meat’ during the week, and that means either having chicken based dinner or some bacon for brunch. That said he eats meat for his lunch almost every single day – so I can’t say I have that much of an influence on him 😉


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