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Vegan Life: Day 21

October 17 2014

Yes, today is day 21! It’s the last day of my vegan challenge!!!!!

For breakfast, I had a banana and berry smoothie. I forgot to take a picture but you can check the previous posts to see what it looks like. I drank my organic chai from David’s Tea when I got to work and ate one of my maple and banana muffin.

For lunch, I enjoyed the free vegan lunch at People’s Potato. The soup was a mix of yellow split peas, cabbage, carrots and potatoes. The salad had cabbage, beets and turnips, it was very sweet. The entrée was a sort of porridge mixed with corn and other ingredients I can’t remember, served with a millet mix. It was good and filling.


Free lunch at People’s potato: soup, salad, main & grain

I didn’t have dinner because I had to lead a pubcrawl. University life is very difficult as you can see. I did have some fries though and as always, I survived.

After midnight, my vegan challenge ended. My classmate offered to buy me McDonald’s after tackling me to the ground. Probably the most hilarious accident I lived. I was perfectly fine and the only reason I had trouble getting up was because I was dying of laughter at the absurdity of the moment. I gladly accepted the offer with just 1.50 dollars in my wallet. I didn’t want to eat a burger because I was scared my body wouldn’t react well. I had a vegetarian wrap with feta cheese inside and some fries with a fruitopia drink. The wrap was so good, I missed cheese! After the meal, I started feeling like shit. I don’t know if it was because of the cheese or because my subconscious is telling McDonald’s is shit.

Do you want to know how I felt about my 21-day vegan challenge? My next post will talk about my aftermath of this challenge.


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