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Vegan Life: Day 20

October 16 2014

Thursday morning, I had time to sit down and eat breakfast. I don’t know if this vegan lifestyle is making me a more responsible person by not always eating on the go. Not only am I eating healthier but I seem to develop healthier lifestyles by cooking more and eating less outside. However the latter is due to my lack of finances more than anything. I guess being poor is healthier for me. Why is life so ironic? For breakfast, I had a bowl of maple nut cereal with almond milk and a maple banana muffin. I think by looking at my breakfast, it’s safe to say that I really love maple syrup. It’s definitely my favourite “Canadian food” or should I say “Quebecer food” to not upset people of this lovely province I live in. It’s also heathier than sugar.


Breakfast: maple nut cereal & maple banana muffin

For lunch and dinner, I had some basmati rice with sautéed curry tofu. I love the smell of spices in food. My mother often puts spices in her dishes and having grown up in India got me accustomed to the smell of spices. Some people always wonder why my lunches smell delicious, must be the spices. Sorry not sorry for making you hungry during class! I had dinner and some desserts home: strawberry applesauce and a maple and banana muffin. Later, I went to see the premiere of Paquita from the Ballet de l’Opéra national de Paris. It was the most beautiful ballet I’ve seen in my entire life!!! Definitely my favourite ballet now, just before Marie-Antoinette and Swan Lake!!!!


Dinner & desserts: basmati rice with sautéed curry tofu & strawberry applesauce + maple banana muffin

Veganism is literally taking over my life! I have decided to write an article about it for my magazine writing class and do a multimedia project for my multiplatform class. As a journalist, I can also mention my own veganism experience in those pieces, well especially the multimedia one. What is the difference between a vegan and non-vegan diet? I want to demystify the vegan life. I have a day left of the challenge and I am apprehending eating meat again.


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