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Vegan Life: Day 18

This week was intense and crazy, which is why I haven’t been able to update my blog daily but I’ll tell you about the end of my challenge in the next posts!

October 14 2014

The 3-day weekend is over and the school routine is back on track. I didn’t have time to make a complete breakfast so I had a banana and berry smoothie, which I took on the go. I am really enjoying smoothies, they’re simple and easy to make. They are also perfect for a person on the go like me.


Breakfast: banana and berry smoothie

I had basmati rice with chickpeas for lunch again. As a snack, I had strawberry applesauce. It remplaces my beloved yogurt, which I truly miss. Of course, I had some apples since I went apple picking the previous day.

When I got home, I ate some rice with the red beans that my mother often cooks. I really like this recipe but I wanted to try new recipes as a vegan. I didn’t cook tonight because I had 2 episodes of True Blood left to watch. Personally, I don’t know how I’m still watching this show after the 6th season. It’s so absurd and weird, too much sex and blood for me. Actually, I like gory things so I don’t mind the blood as much. I’m just always left with “what the hell just happened?” at the end of each season and I need to have my questions answered.


Dinner: basmati rice and red beans

I really miss dairy products and I can’t wait to be food with dairy again. People are asking me if I’m excited for the end of the challenge and I’m not sure what to answer. I have mixed feelings, yes I’m excited because I can eat dairy products and no, I’m not excited because it means I’ll stop putting efforts in cooking.


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