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Vegan Life: Day 17

October 13 2014

This morning, I made a recipe from the 21-day challenge recipes. It was scrambled tofu with a potato and adding ground tumeric for a touch of yello. It was very delicious and filling. I was sad that I didn’t have much ketchup left to accompany my dish. I have some leftovers for tomorrrow morning. I might try the recipe again, but this time I would add some soy or almond milk. I also had a bowl of banana tofu pudding and a cup of earl grey tea from David’s Tea yet again.


Morning brunch


Brunch: scrambled tofu

I went apple picking with journalism students because I am part of the student association and organized the event. It was fun and I ate many apples. I bought some apple pies for my sister and mother. I found upon my return that my mother had betrayed the challenge and ate some portuguese chicken. I was shocked, I thought my mother was stronger than this. She’s the first one to tell me to eat more vegetables and less meat.

I wanted to make a sautéed tofu recipe but I was feeling tired and really wanted to continue watching True Blood (dvd is due on Wednesday). Also, there’s still a lot of food left in the fridge and freezer. I ate the same thing I had for lunch/dinner yesterday and before yesterday. Maybe tomorrow, I might want to cook something up. I want to bake a vegan apple pie or crumble since I can’t eat the one that I bought for my mother. Yes, she ate some pie with my sister earlier.

Also if you want to see what I’m eating, check out my instagram page @nyeba. You can also use the hashtag #nickbecomesvegan to see what I eat daily before publishing.

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