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Vegan Life: Day 16

October 12 2014

My mother cooked meat for guests who came over. It smelled so bad, I was feeling nauseous. I think I’m used to this vegan life. My mother made oatmeal and added frozen berries to it. She put a bowl aside for me. I added some maple syrup because she doesn’t sweet things. I watched a few episodes of True Blood, as my mother was braiding my hair.


Breakfast: oatmeal with berries

There is so much food in my fridge that I didn’t find it necessary to cook anything for the moment. I had the same thing I had yesterday, which was basmati rice with chickpeas my mother made. There is however a shortage of snacks in my house so I decided to make some desserts. I didn’t have access to my television or computer to continue watching True Blood so I thought, why not bake? I wanted to make a vegan cheesecake but the graham cracker crumbs I bought and which I though were vegan are not finally. I had to find another recipe to use the soft tofu in my fridge before it went bad.


Ingredients for the pudding


Dessert: banana tofu pudding

I found a banana tofu pudding recipe at Smith’s Vegan Kitchen. You can view the recipe here. It was simple and required very little ingredients. I had to chill the pudding before eating it and when I took it out, I noticed it was light purple. After mixing it, it regained a cream colour and I sprinkled the bowl with cinnamon. It’s the first time I made a pudding and it was pretty good. Of course, it doesn’t taste like your typical pudding but it was a good and light dessert.


Dessert: vegan vanilla cake


Mini portion of vanilla cake

It wasn’t enough to make only a pudding so I decided to make a vegan vanilla cake. I found the recipe on two weeks ago. You can view the recipe here. I felt lost because I had nothing to grease my pan with. I put the little I had of canola oil left with some flour but it didn’t work because the cake was sticking to the pan. I had a doubt when I cut the cake that it wasn’t ready despite the toothpick trick. The bottom of the cake didn’t look perfectly cooked but it seems the oil remained in the bottom. I still thought it tasted good, as well as my mother and her guests.



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