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Vegan Life: Day 15

October 11 2014

I overslept yesterday. I was extremely tired all week, I think my body decided to recuparate. I was supposed to go to the opening of the first vegan store in Montreal, Antidote Superalimention – Comptoir Végane. Then, I was going to the museum with Janice who returned to Montreal last week from volunteering in Uganda and visiting Rwanda. I wanted to eat a toast on the go but there was no more bread so I ate a small bowl of maple nut cereal with almond milk. I prepared some chai tea, which I drank in the metro. I went to the museum to see the beautiful exhibition Fabergé at the Fine Arts Museum of Montreal.

Janice was sad that she couldn’t bake me anything because I’m vegan. I told her to bake vegan desserts but she doesn’t believe in vegan desserts.

My mother made a dish yesterday with the rest of the chickpeas, I had only used half of the bag. She added some potato and other vegetables. It was very good. I loved that it was slightly spicy.


Lunch/Dinner: basmati rice with chickpeas

The dish was filling but I was still feeling hungry after. My mother made a smoothie yesterday but she had told me that it wasn’t very good or sweet. I tasted it and agreed. I asked her the ingredients she put and the quantity. She put 2 bananas and added the other ingredients but only for one banana. The banana taste was overpowering the smoothie so I added some frozen berries, almond milk and maple syrup. I got a nice mix, which was sweeter but still had a slight overpowering banana taste.


Dessert: banana and berry smoothie

Despite all that, I was still hungry. I had some pita crips and grapes with some herbal tea from David’s Tea obviously. I’ve survived the vegan challenge for 2 weeks now and I’m doing very well.


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