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Vegan Life: Day 14

October 10 2014

Yesterday morning, I woke up to the sound of my alarm. I had time to eat breakfast and pack some snacks for work. I had a toast with organic strawberry jam. I prepared my organic chai tea (David’s Tea) after an hour into my shift. I didn’t prepare a lunch, as I knew I was eating at People’s Potato.


Snacks at work with chai tea

The free vegan lunch was very generous! I had a soup, an entrée, a dessert, a fruit and a snack. The soup was a mix of chickpeas, carrots, tomato, celery and potato. It was hot and rich, I loved it. The entrée was barley mixed  with tomato, broccoli, celery and onions. It was delicious, slighly spicy and super filling. The dessert was a poppy seed cake with a strawberry coulis and pieces of strawberry. The snack was a vegan hot dog with mustard. It was a tiny and delicious too. I was served a slice of lime, which I sprayed over the barley, and a slice of orange, which I kept for the end. A nice refreshing touch after the best lunch I’ve had at People’s Potato.


Lunch: People’s Potato lunch

I had a coupon for a free organic quinoa chili at Copper Branch, one of the rewards for starting a 21-day vegan challenge. I took it to go, as I knew I would be back to have brunch or dinner another time. It was a generous portion of chili. It was hot and delicious. I missed cheese so I was happy there was daiya mozarella in the chili with black & red beans, quinoa and kale. I didn’t take a spoon because I was expecting it to be that liquid. I ate everything with a fork and drank the soup from the bowl directly.


Dinner: Quinoa chili

I mentionned that I missed desserts a lot so when I saw they had a banana and blueberry bread I couldn’t resist. It was 4 dollars but worth every single penny. It was warm, soft and flavourful. I ate it slowly, savouring every bite of the bread. I really wanted to return and buy another one but I resisted.


Dessert: banana & blueberry bread

I am definitely going to return to Copper Branch and it’s a 5 minute walk from the downtown campus of my school. At the end of the day, eating vegan is amazing. It requires more effort as you need to cook a lot and do in advance. However, there are many vegan restaurants in Montreal so if you’re feeling lazy and have money, you can eat in one of those amazing places. A vegan grocery store opened, I’ll talk about it in the next post.


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