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Vegan Life: Day 13

October 9 2014

Thursday was a busy day. I drank the leftover mango, banana and berry smoothie I made the previous morning. I left it for my mother but she didn’t drink it so I had it for breakfast to accompany my toast with organic strawberry jam.


Breakfast: smoothie and toast

I didn’t eat lunch because I had too much to do at school. I did eat some tostitos with salsa and some candies, which I checked that didn’t contain any animal products. When I got home, I was starving and poured the contents of my lunch in a plate. I added marinated chickpeas to my plate. I enjoyed my dinner while watching the 2 first episodes of the 6th season of True Blood. I also watched season 3 of Breaking Amish on TLC. TLC is my guilty channel with silly reality shows that I enjoy.


Dinner: spaghetti squash with black bean & chick peas

At this point of the challenge, I am starting to miss dairy products such as yogurt. I prefer almond milk to regular milk. I don’t like soy yogurt at all. I also miss eggs but not itself as a dish, more in desserts. I have the ingredients to make non-vegan desserts but I can’t make them, it saddens me. I’m going to try making something with the soft tofu I bought by accident.


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