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Vegan Life : Day 12

October 8 2014


Smoothie ingredients

Wednesday morning, I was feeling creative and made a smoothie with the fruits I had. I mixed a mango, a banana and a cup of frozen berries. The end result wasn’t a beautiful colour but it tasted amazing. It was super sweet and filling.


Inside the blender


Breakfast: mango, banana & berry smoothie

For lunch, I had the other dish I cooked Tuesday night. The recipe was posted on the Facebook group of the challenge. There are many delicious recipes posted but I prefer trying the ones that require ingredients I already have in my pantry or fridge. It was a potato and chick peas curry. You can find the recipe, available in French only, on the blog Famille Végane.

Lunch/Dinner: basmati rice and potato & chick peas curry

Lunch/Dinner: basmati rice and potato & chickpeas curry

I remember thinking putting a lot of spices when I was preparing it and indeed, it was quite spicy. Also, I didn’t have corn or green peas so I put pieces of broccoli and carrot instead. My mother is happy that I am cooking because I rarely do. Being vegan transformed into a homecook. Who knows, I might maybe participate in Masterchef Canada one day. I just have to learn to make every classic dish, from appetizers to desserts.


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  1. That actually looks amazing! 🙂


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