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Vegan Life: Day 10

I haven’t posted since Monday because I had many assignments to do, it was a busy week and I’m happy that it’s going to be a 3-day weekend! Also, I wrote this the day off from the WordPress application but I didn’t add the photos. I’m not going to change the times so pretend this was posted Monday night.

October 6 2014

This morning, I had cereal for breakfast with a cup of organic chai tea. In case you’re wondering where I get my tea, it’s from David’s Tea. I’m obsessed with my colourful tin foils, filling them up when I have my pay. I need my morning dose of caffeine and I get it from tea. Black tea has more caffeine so I prefer drinking some in the morning.


Breakfast: cereal and chai tea

For lunch, I had a vegan pho from the hive café Loyola. Apparently, it was national pho day. Was it a coincidence? I’ll never now. There was tofu and mushrooms with gluten free rice noodles and vegetables. It was delicious and warmed me up, especially in my small cold office. I also added some hot sauce so my mouth was on fire at the end. The dessert was an almond green tea cake. I asked if it was vegan because we never and was extremely relieved to find out it was. It was sweet, light and a nice simple dessert.


Free lunch at Loyola: vegan pho and almond & green tea cake

I didn’t have many snacks so I went to buy some. My mother gave me money to buy rolled oats and I also bought some snacks and other ingredients necessary to make new dishes. I got home later than expected and didn’t cook anything. Instead, I watched Breaking Amish on TLC. For dinner, I had leftover Thai style tempeh with basmati rice and marinated chick peas.  I tried doing some school work, but sipped on herbal tea before. However when I was ready, I was falling asleep and decided to go to bed and waking up early in the morning.

I’ve been going to bed earlier than usual. I’m always tired but usually stay up until 12-1 am but lately I pass out around 10-11. The consequence is that I don’t get all my school work done in advance. Being a journalism student is difficult.


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