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Vegan Life: Day 9

October 5 2014

It was a lazy Sunday today. I had to write a review about the burlesque show I watched last night. I decided to make a mango smoothie. I used a recipe from the 21-day challenge recipes. I added a banana to make it more consistent. It was good and sweet. My mother enjoyed the smoothie. She’s going to start making smoothies now to hopefully lose weight. She’s hilarious!


Smoothie ingredients


Breakfast: mango banana smoothie

I made marinated chick peas from one of the 21-day challenge recipes. It’s a side dish that can be added to salads, pasta and other meals. I can also make homemade hummus by adding tahini. It’s an ingredient I have yet to buy but really want. It turned out good and was okay to eat by itself as a snack.


Side dish: marinated chick peas

I made a mistake with tofu. I cooked soft tofu instead of firm tofu. The results were not the same. I guess soft tofu is better for desserts. Thus, I didn’t do the tofu sauté with curry I wanted to try. I made the Thai style tempeh that I made last week. The can of coconut milk was already open and I didn’t want to waste it. This time, I was able to put sweet potatoes like the recipe suggests. It tasted nicer and was more filling.


Dinner: basmati rice with tempeh and chick peas

I didn’t have time to do other recipes or half the chores I had to do. I did bake some spaghetti squash and will try to make something tomorrow after work in between finishing assignments.


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