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Vegan Life: Day 8

October 4 2014

It has officially been a week that I’m vegan now. I’m doing very well, at least when I’m not hungry. This morning, I made a smoothie again and this time, I added some maple syrup to make it sweeter. I had my last Japanese class this morning and one of my classmates brought mochi (rice cakes). I looked at the boxes for the ingredients and didn’t see any dairy products, which reassured me and ate 4 pieces of green tea and red bean mochi!

Snacks: plantain chips and nut mix

Snacks: plantain chips and nut mix

I went to Chinatown, as I was looking to buy sweet potatoes. I found some in the grocery store there with other ingredients. I went to another grocery store to get other ingredients to cook different dishes this weekend.


Asian cuisine ingredients

I only had time to cook one dish, which was a tomato sauce recipe from the 21-day challenge recipes. Unfortunately, my mother and I finished it. Next time I make this sauce, I’ll double or triple the measures. The sauce was delicious and I added more fine herbs than suggested. I had a large bowl because I only had a smoothie and nuts beforehand. 


Lunch/Dinner: pasta and tomato sauce

I saw a burlesque show that I have to review after dinner. It was a wonderful show, I laughed so much but only had a drink because I’m poor. When I got home, I had some plain pasta because the plantain chips were gone.


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