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Vegan Life: Day 7

October 3 2014

My alarm clock never rang so my breakfast only consisted of a toast with jam. I didn’t have time to make a lunch and only brought some fruits and a cucumber at work. For lunch, I had People’s Potato’s free vegan lunch. I forgot to take down the ingredients. There was a filling soup, a sweet beet salad and an entrée of rice, vegetables & delicious sauce.


Lunch: soup, salad and entrée at People’s Potato

During the last two hours of work, I was starving. My mother made corn when I arrived home and I ate 3. I took the picture before and had a 3rd one. However, I was still hungry after but too lazy to cook anything.


Snack: corn

I bought cereal on my way home with other healthy snacks. I poured myself a bowl of maple nut flavoured oatmeal crips with almond milk. It was delicious, sweet and super easy to prepare.


Dinner: cereal and milk

I was so tired that night, I fell asleep around 10:30pm while watching one of my favourite shows Four Weddings. I woke up in time who had the best wedding and went to bed.


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