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Vegan Life: Day 6

October 2 2014


Smoothie ingredients

I woke up early this morning to finish some school work. I had time before class so I decided to make a smoothie. The recipe is part of the 21-day challenge recipes, except I didn’t include ginger. I mixed almond milk, a banana, frozen berries, ground cinnamon and ice. The result was delicious and healthy. I did find the smoothie was lacking a sweet taste. I will add a teaspoon of maple syrup next time.


Breakfast: banana and berry smoothie

For lunch, I finished my Thai style tempeh over some basmati rice I made in the morning. When I got home tonight, I was really tired and didn’t want to spend any energy cooking. I had a toast with some avocado that’s not ripe yet but I was hungry. I also had a bowl of honey nut cheerios with some almond milk. I am so happy to discover almond milk because it was sweet and flavourful unlike regular milk, which I don’t drink by itself.


Dinner: toast & avocado with cereals and grapes

I realized that I need more snacks because I was extremely hungry at school today. I had to film some interviews and scenes after class and then go back to transport the material and apply for scholarships and bursaries. Of course when I got to school, all the cafés that offer vegan food were closed.

p.s. Today, I said “no” to someone who offered me a free treat because they weren’t vegan. I just thought I’d mention it for those who don’t think I’m serious about this challenge. Was I sad refusing it? Yes, I was sad that I couldn’t eat that yummy and buttery croissant. Sometimes in life, you have to make sacrifices and that was one of the many ones I did in my quarter of century life.


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  1. I find the almond milk in Montreal a bit tasteless – in Britain I took the vanilla one I think and it was absolutely delicious in milkshakes! And I would add more berries if ever you need more sweetness 🙂

    • Really? I think that it’s delicious and sweet. There was a vanilla one but I wanted to try the regular one first. I don’t think I’m ever going back to regular milk now.


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