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Vegan Life: Day 4

September 30 2014

For breakfast, I had toast with organic strawberry jam again and for lunch, I had Thai style tempeh with basmati rice. I had the same snacks as the previous day too. When I got home, I ate some hummus with some delicious pita crisps I discovered.


Snack: hummus and pita crips

For dinner, I had red quinoa with Indonesian style tempeh and I added the vegetables my mother made. It wasn’t bad finally and added some colour to my plate. I didn’t like that it was too liquidy though and had so much brocoli.


Dinner: quinoa with tempeh and vegetables

I wanted to try a recipe from the 21-day challenge of a snack of banana and oat bites. There were simple to make and good. My mother enjoyed them. I thought they were a bit too healthy to my taste and if I didn’t add maple syrup, it woudn’t be sweet at all.


Dessert: banana and oat bites

I haven’t had time to cook anything else because I have less time during the week. I have so much school work, it’s slowly kiling me. My hours of sleep are suffering, though I don’t feel any weaker despite not having animal products in my system. I think I’m getting the hang of it. My mother and I are going to cook many portions of food during the weekend so we can relax in the week.

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