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21-Day Vegan Challenge

Montreal is having its first Vegan Festival on September 26 and 27. At the same time, they are proposing people to do a 21-day challenge of eating only vegan food. I have decided to do the challenge. Why? I’m curious to discover the vegan diet. More and more people are going from vegetarian to vegan. I think the best way to understand veganism is to live it. In a way, this is immersion journalism. As a journalist, it’s kind of exciting. I will be posting pictures of what I ate on Instagram and writing a blog post every day about my daily experience.

Of course, the festival suggested recipes for the 21 days. I printed all the recipes and will follow them because it’s the safest thing to do. I won’t be able to go to restaurants between September 27 to October 17, except for vegan places.

I was glad to see that places like Mouton Vert and Sophie Sucrée offer vegan desserts. I know I can survive without meat but I will never survive without desserts.

People's Potato free lunch at Concordia.

People’s Potato free lunch last Friday at Concordia University .

Many people are doubting me, thinking I will not survive a week because I love food too much. I’ve already survived over a week eating no meat because there was none in my home. Luckily, my mother will be doing the challenge too.

Am I scared? A little but I knnow I can do this and I believe in myself!

For more information on the festival and the challenge, visit the website of Montreal Vegan Festival!

Don’t forget to follow my vegan adventure! ; )


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  1. I look forward to it! 🙂


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