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Summer madness

Hello everyone!

So my internship is over after three months and I can’t believe it. I’m very proud of myself for having given more than 100% even when I was sick for a few days. I had a good review from my supervisors with points to work on, which I will do to become an amazing journalist and excel in my two next internships this winter and summer semester.

Why haven’t I been updating my blog then? Well it’s because I’ve been busy with other things.
The first is that I’ve been volunteering for Fashion and Design Festival. I have always wanted to volunteer but was always working and this year was my chance. I love food but I also love fashion. I’m having a blast at the festival, watching fashion shows, meeting designers and seeing beautiful outfits. I really want to work in a fashion magazine like Elle Québec but where I could still talk about food and culture.
The second is that I’m the photographer for Burger Week. During my free time, I’ve been going around the city and taking pictures of the 38 burgers. Yes, I’ve tasted some and might possibly blog about it so stay tuned for the first week of September.

Lots of love to those still following me!



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