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Dee, Nico and I had one of our yearly dinner in May 2013. I remember this one well because after we went to 281, the famous male dancer joint in Montreal, well famous for the female clientele. As always, I was proposing places and since we wanted to eat downtown, I suggested Decca77. I had always heard about this restaurant near the Bell Centre and was curious to try it.

The drink menu had some special drinks including the Fraisilic. It was a mix of vodka, strawberry puree, basil and a splash of lime. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the puree leaving Nico and I extremely disappointed. She ordered the Lychee, normally a mix of vodka, soho and lychee juice. However this martini had some sake added to it. Dee ordered the Bahamas, a mix of brown rum, malibu, orange and pineapple juice. I ordered the Muscatini, a mix of vodka, cacao cream and nutmeg. I didn’t enjoy my drink at all. The girls thought their drinks were okay. None of us ordered a second round of drinks, a rare fact.

Dee and Nico ordered the same appetizer while I didn’t order one. I wasn’t impressed with the menu of appetizers and was excited to eat my main dish. I cannot remember the name of the appetizer served on a board plate. Three big pieces of shrimp lay on a bed of quinoa with some vegetables and pieces of orange. The shrimps were delicious while the quinoa was refreshing and light. After realizing my plate wasn’t going to arrive before a while, I ordered the same appetizer because the bread and butter weren’t very filling.

IMG_0022 IMG_0025

Dee and Nico ordered the same main dish, which was a Grain-fed Veal Chop served with herb smashed potatoes and mesclun. They both enjoyed their meal.


For the main meal, I chose the Decca Burger 77. The beef burger had cheese, mushroom, fried onions (asked to remove them), tomato jam and spicy mayo. It was served with hand cut fries and a little salad. It was a delicous burger.

IMG_0027 IMG_0031

It gets a grade of 6.5/10. I enjoyed the food but was not impressed with the service and the drinks. There weren’t many customers during the night so I don’t understand why they ran out of puree. I mean couldn’t you go buy some? For an appetizer, a drink and a main meal, it costs around 60-70 dollars including taxes and tips. Would I recommend this restaurant, to be honest not really. Except if you’re desperate to eat around the Bell Centre and you don’t want to eat at La Cage aux Sports, St-Hubert, Bâton Rouge or Madison’s.


Decca 77

1077 Drummond, Montreal, QC

H3B 4H4 514-934-1077 


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