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Important warning! If you are allergic to nuts, don’t step foot in this place. The fries are fried in peanut oil. Also there are peanuts available for clients near the fornt of the store.

I remember the first time I tried Five Guys was 2 years ago after a halloween party. The place was closed but my friends and I convinced an employee to let us in. They didn’t have enough meat to give us a regular burger, which contains 2 patties of meat. When you’ve had too many drinks, you don’t care about much except what you’re going to eat. The burger tasted so delicious, I thought it was a dream and the fries were heavenly. The Five Guys was located in the Village then.

Forward 6 months later and I convince some classmates to have a bite to eat before heading to a house party celebrating the end of first year in journalism. This time, I got a regular cheeseburger with 2 patties of meat. It was even better than the smaller version with just 1 patty. I also love that you can choose what toppings you want in your burger.

IMG_4999 IMG_5000

It gets a grade of 8.5/10 because it’s pretty expensive. I would rather spend more money eating a burger in a fancy restaurant. Nothing comes in a trio. So if you order a burger, fries and a drink, it costs around 15$ if you want the regular sizes. You can order a small or large portion for fries and a drink.

I had some Five Guys again just three weeks ago. We were two and we had trouble finishing a regular size portion of fries. I had a little cheeseburger, which has only 1 patty of meat. Yes, you did read the word “little” meaning that the regular cheeseburger has 2 patties of meat.

I believe everyone should try Five Guys, especially if you love burgers and want to learn how Americans eat their burgers well in quantity at least.


Five Guys (2 locations

698 Sainte-Catherine West, Montreal, QC

H3B 1B9 514-393-4343

468 McGill Street, Montreal, QC

H2Y 2H4 514-507-2560



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