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In mid-March 2013, I had to attend a Westmount council meeting for a journalism class. I suggested to my classmates that we grab a bite to eat before the two-hour meeting.

I had mentioned Schwartz’s and Krys was interested, as she had never been. We arrived around 5:30 and luckily enough, there was no line outside. We found some empty stools at the counter. Gabriel joined us shortly after. We all ordered a smoked meat sandwich with a side of fries. I haven’t had smoked meat in a while and I forgot how delicious it tasted. The mustard adds a tangy flavour to the sandwich. The sandwich looks like a small portion but there is so much meat that it fills you up quickly. The fries were hot and crispy. If you don’t have a big appetite, you’ll only be able to finish half the sandwich.

IMG_4813 IMG_4814

It gets a grade of 8.5/10. The food is good, the service is fast but you feel rushed. We were lucky that our server was nice and let us wait for Gabriel before ordering and possibly losing our seats.

I haven’t eaten at Schwartz’s in a few years. I was surprised that it cost us around 10 dollars for a smoked meat sandwich and fries. I’m pretty sure it cost half the price back in the day, roughly four years ago.

Personally, I think the place is overrated. Every time I pass in front of it, I see huge line-ups and especially in summer. If you don’t have the patience to wait in line, you can order take-out. You can buy some meat and make your own sandwich at home. Even if I find Schwartz’s to be overrated, I believe that you should at least try it once in your lifetime.



3895 Saint-Laurent, Montreal, QC

H2W 1L2 514-842-4813



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